West Otago Bridge Club        

 An affiliated member of Otago Southland Regional Bridge

Club Profile

The West Otago Bridge Club was formed in 1974, and is affiliated to NZ Bridge.

This “boutique” club has 20 members of all ages – the eldest being nonagenarians – so you can imagine how much accumulated experience our club has! We also have 7 Associate members from Gore Club who play regularly.

The club uses the NZ Bridge Scorer Program, and results are currently posted on Bridge NZ’s website.

West Otago and Gore Bridge Club share a Dealing Machine, so all boards are randomly dealt – making for some interesting hands.

Where to find us

The Club plays in the RSA rooms, Northumberland Street, Tapanui.

We are easy to locate – from the main road through Tapanui to Roxburgh, carry on straight ahead past the Supermarket and you will see the RSA rooms on the right.

Telephone:via any of the committee members listed below
Postal Address:Wilden Station, R D 2 Tapanui 9587
Email Address:westotagobridgeclub@gmail.com

Officers of the Club

President:Kaye Dickison03 204 8242
Vice President Robbie McCall03 204 8633
Secretary:Sarah Clark Adam 032048115
Treasurer:Liz Van der Linden03 204 8936


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