Oamaru Bridge Club        

 An affiliated member of Otago Southland Regional Bridge

Programme 2020

The AGM will be on Thursday 26th of November.

Visitors are always welcome except on days when there is a teams competition.

Our Sponsors are:

Andy AndersonBuilding03-4370332
Crombie & PriceNatural Health Products03-4348311
Hope & Associates Legal Matters04-4349930
Oamaru IT Solutions Computer Service and Sales03-4346487
Oast House LiquorLiquor supplies03-4349883
Whitestone Funerals Ltd.Undertakers03-4948812
Driving Miss DaisyCompanion Driving03 4348421 /021503680


08 March:Oamaru Open graded Pairs.
17 May:Riding for the Disabled Charity Tournament
28 June:Oamaru all Grades
16 August:Oamaru Jun/Int Pairs.
30 October:NZ Wide Pairs.

Programme by day

09 Jan Holiday Pairs
13 Jan Holiday Pairs
23 Jan Holiday Pairs
27 Jan Individual28 Jan Individual30 Jan Autumn Pairs
03 Feb Champ Pairs04 Feb Champ Pairs06 Feb President's Pairs07 Feb Feb Pairs
10 Feb Champ Teams11 Feb Champ Teams13 Feb Crombie & Price 14 Feb Feb Pairs
17 Feb Plunket Trophy18 Feb McDouall Trophy20 Feb Autumn Pairs 21 Feb Feb Pairs
24 Feb Individual 25 Feb Individual27 Feb Crombie & Price 28 Feb Feb Pairs
02 Mar Champ Pairs03 mar Champ Pairs05 Mar President's Pairs06 March Individual
09 Mar Champ Teams10 Mar Champ Teams12 Mar Autumn Pairs13 mar Individual
16 Mar Plunket Trophy17 Mar McDouall Trophy 19 Mar Crombie & Price20 Mar Individual
23 Mar Individual24 Mar Individual26 Mar Autumn Pairs27 Mar Individual
30 Mar Plunket Trophy31 Mar McDouall Trophy 02 Apr Crombie & Price03 Apr April Pairs
06 Apr Champ Pairs07 Apr Champ Pairs09 Apr President's Pairs10 Apr"No Bridge"
13 Apr Individual14 Apr Individual16 Apr John Geare Teams17 Apr April Pairs
20 Apr Champ Teams21 Apr Champ Teams23 Apr Autumn Pairs24 Apr April Pairs
27 Apr Plunket Trophy28 Apr McDouall Trophy30 Apr Crombie & Price01 May L & LR Ind
04 May Champ Pairs05 May Champ Pairs07 May President's Pairs08 May L & LR Ind
11 May Champ Teams12 May Champ Teams14 May Hope and Ass. Pairs15 May L & LR Ind
18 May Individual19 May Individual21 May John Geare Teams22 May L & LR Ind
25 May Plunket Trophy26 May McDouall Trophy28 May Oamaru IT Pairs29 May L & LR Ind
01 Jun Individual02 Jun Individual04 Jun Same Sex Pairs05 Jun Jun Pairs
08 Jun Champ Pairs09 Jun Champ Pairs11 Jun President's Pairs12 Jun Jun Pairs
15 Jun Champ Teams16 Jun Champ Teams18 Jun Hope & Ass. Pairs19 Jun Jun Pairs
22 Jun Plunket Trophy23 Jun McDouall Trophy25 Jun John Geare Teams26 Jun Jun Pairs
29 Jun Handicap Teams30 Jun Handicap Teams02 Jul Same Sex Pairs03 Jul Ind. Sil/Br
06 Jul Champ Pairs07 Jul Champ Pairs09 Jul Presidents Pairs10 Jul Ind. Sil/Br
13 Jul Champ Teams14 Jul Champ Teams16 Jul Hope & Ass. Pairs17 Jul Ind. Sil/Br
20 Jul Driving Miss Daisie21 Jul Driving Miss Daisie23 Jul John Geare Teams24 Jul Ind. Sil/Br
27 Jul Handicap Teams28 Jul Handicap Teams30 Jul Oamaru IT Pairs31 Jul Ind. Sil/Br
03 Aug Champ Pairs04 Aug Champ Pairs06 Aug President's Pairs07 Aug Aug Pairs
10 Aug Champ Teams11 Aug Champ Teams13 Aug Same Sex Pairs14 Aug Aug Pairs
17 Aug Driving Miss Daisie18 Aug Driving Miss Daisie20 Aug John Geare Teams21 Aug Aug Pairs
24 Aug Handicap Teams25 Aug Handicap Teams27 Aug Hope & Ass Pairs28 Aug Aug Pairs
31 Aug Driving Miss Daisie01 Sep Driving Miss Daisie03 Sep Oamaru IT Pairs04 Sep Individual
07 Sep Champ Pairs08 Sep Champ Pairs 10 Sep President's Pairs11 Sep Individual
14 Sep Champ Teams15 Sep Champ Teams17 Sep Sam Sex Pairs18 Sep Individual
21 Sep Driving Miss Daisie22 Sep Driving Miss Daisie24 Sep John Geare Teams25 Sep Individual
28 Sep Handicap Teams29 Sep Handicap Teams01 Oct Oamaru IT Solutions02 Oct Oct Pairs
05 Oct Champ Pairs06 Oct Champ Pairs08 Oct President's Pairs09 Oct Oct Pairs
12 Oct Champ Teams13 Oct Champ Teams15 Oct Hope & Ass Pairs16 Oct Oct Pairs
19 Oct Handicap Teams 20 Oct Handicap Teams22 Oct Same Same Sex Pairs23 Oct Oct Pairs
26 Oct Individual27 Oct Individual29 Oct Hope & Ass Pairs30 Oct Oct Pairs
02 Nov Champ Pairs03 Nov Champ Pairs05 Nov President's Pairs06 Nov Individual
09 Nov Champ Teams10 Nov Champ Teams12 Nov Hope & Ass Pairs13 Nov Individual
16 Nov Handicap Teams17 Nov Handicap Teams19 Nov Oamaru IT Pairs20 Nov Individual
23 Nov Individual24 Nov Individual26 Nov AGM

Bronze and Silver combination requirements:

Each pair should be a combination of a Bronze and a Silver Player

This is required, on a Thursday for the John Geare Teams and Crombie and Price Pairs and on a Friday for the July Pairs

Visitors are always welcome except on days when there is a teams competition.