Wanaka Bridge Club        

 An affiliated member of Otago Southland Regional Bridge

Club Profile

The Wanaka Bridge Club was formed in 1977 and is affiliated to NZ Bridge. We are well-known for our friendly atmosphere and have a steady membership of about 190. All hands are randomly machine dealt, and scored using the NZ Bridge Scorer programme.

We hold four regular weekly playing sessions: Monday 7pm (Silver Division); Wednesday 7pm (Bronze Division); Friday 1pm (social play for all); and (from February) on Tuesdays at 11am. The Tuesday format is similar to Fridays but is aimed at new and beginning players, and those seeking a social daytime session in a less competitive environment. See the 2022 Programme for further details.

We run two annual tournaments, in April (Open 5A) and September (Intermediate/Junior 5B). See the Tournaments page for further details.


We also run beginner classes for those new to the game, and improver classes for those with a year or two of experience seeking to take their play to the next level.


Covid-19 OrangeTraffic Light Playing Conditions

The latest advisory from NZ Bridge, dated 29 April 2022, can be found here.

In accordance with these guidelines the committee has decided that, given our membership demographic and the persistence of community transmission throughout the Southern Region, mask usage will remain mandatory for all club playing sessions until further notice. In addition:

1. The director has the right to preclude entry if they consider the player is a risk to others.

2. The player will have no right to contest the decision of the director.

3. If a player has contracted covid and remains symptomatic, or is a close (i.e., household) contact of a known positive covid case, they should not enter the club.

4. If a player has a cold, flu, or is otherwise unwell, they should not enter the club.

Drinks and snacks may not be consumed at the bridge table. If you require a drink or snack during a playing session please ensure you are at a safe distance (at least 2 m) from others. This applies to all sessions, including Tuesday lunchtimes. Friday afternoon tea breaks are on hold until further notice.

Last updated 16 July 2022


Table Money and Subscriptions

Please refer to the Table Money and Subscriptions section on the Programme page.


Officers of the Club

President:Marc Simmonds(03) 443 4042
Vice President:Ken Saxby443 8436
Secretary:Jude Gunn027 664 6649
Treasurer:John Hogg 443 8440 / 027 470 7710‬

Where to Find Us

The club will move to new premises at the end of March, so please note the following dates. See the March 2022 newsletter for further details.

Until 25 March 2022:

Playing rooms: 9 Cliff Wilson Street, opposite the old Mitre 10 and next door to Carpet Court.

From 28 March 2022 until further notice:

Playing rooms: Presbyterian Church Community Hall, 91 Tenby Street.

Telephone:022 439 8790 (available only during playing sessions, no answer phone)
Postal address:C/- 10 Sunrise Bay Drive, Wanaka 9305
Email address:wanakabridgeclub@fastmail.com


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