Winton Bridge Club        

 An affiliated member of Otago Southland Regional Bridge

Club Profile

The Winton Bridge Club was formed in 1972, and is affiliated to NZ Bridge.

The original members fund-raised very quickly, enabling them to build their Club Rooms in 1974.

The club now enjoys a membership of 110.

Winton Bridge Club uses a computerised scoring program to produce results.

Boards for all sessions are randomly dealt – making for a great variety of interesting hands.

Bridge Lessons are offered annually. The small cost generously includes a year’s membership of the Winton Club. There are 12 lessons in the course, which starts in April annually. Ron Evans is the teacher (03 236 7772) – or just contact the club should you be interested. Lessons started at the end of April, but don't let that stop you, contact us now.

Where to find us

The Club plays in the Winton Bridge Club Rooms, 145 Park Street, Winton.

We are located one street west of the main road through Winton – parallel to the main road, behind the shopping area.

Telephone:03 236 7892
Postal Address:P O Box 115, Winton 9741
Email Address:
Secretary:Caryl Marshall

Officers of the Club

President:Graham Beggs027 472 1818
Vice President:Margaret Wright03 236 7316
Secretary:Caryl Marshall027 375 7903
Tournament Secretary:Alan McRae03 236 9796
Treasurer:Pam McLeod03 236 9709
Committee:Joan Scarlett022 016 5321
Committee:Jimmy Forde021 165 4509
Committee:Richard Hishon027 437 7740
Committee:Bill Allen03 236 4108
Committee:Ailsa Dempster03 236 7874
Committee:Susannah Pickney03 224 6116
Committee:Henry Wadsworth03 236 0888
Committee:John MacGillivray027 353 9613

Prizegiving & Christmas Party 8 December

This will be held @ 7.00 p.m. ALL welcome.


Mark your diary now and find your partner for this event in Invercargill. Any enquiries to Yvonne Hughes 027 420 0044. Or, you can enter on line at



Our Christmas Party

Christmas and Horses

40 years