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OS Congress Open Pairs

Entries close at 6 p.m. on 22 October 2019.

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List of entries to date (24 pairs)

Moss Wylie&Lindsay Glover
Frances Sheehy&Peter Mountain*NS
Geoff Eyles&Harry Shepherd
Greg Buzzard&Ann Woodhead
John Sheehy&Robert Cowan
Susie Lawless&Maria Godfrey
Chris Ackerley&Arleen Schwartz
Annette Henry&Stephen Henry
Adrien Dever&Judy Robertson
Lesley Andrew&Kay Nicholas*NS
Michael Johnstone&Paula Gregory
Murat Genc&Mindy Wu
Lorraine Peacock&Barbara Hutton
Bernadette Van Der Lem&Alan Geare
Margaret Perley&Paul Freeland
Jane Skipper&John Skipper
Jane Lennon&Alan Grant
Jeff Thompson&Peter McCaskill
Lorraine Oliver&Marilyn Jackson*NS
Alec Weavers&Jenny Rowley
Debbie Cooper&Tony Winters
Pam Hancox&Colin Haywood
Ernie Sutton&Jean-Oliver Begouin
Matt Blakeley&Brad Johnston
* seating rights