Tournaments 2019

Regional Tournaments 2018

5FridayAlexandra Holiday Pairs Session 1 (Fri)Open 5AAlexandra
6SaturdayAlexandra Holiday Pairs Session 2 (Sat)Open 5AAlexandra
10WednesdaySummer Festival of Bridge CanberraAll grades Australia
20SaturdayO/S Regional Swiss Pairs (Sat)Open 10AInvercargill
3SaturdayTimaru All Grades (Sat)Open 8BTimaru
4SundayOtago Festival Pairs (Sun)Open 5AOtago
10SaturdaySouth Island TeamsOpen 20AChristchurch
16FridayGold Coast Congress AustraliaAll grades Australia
3SaturdayNorth Island TeamsOpen 20APalmerstonN
10SaturdayInvercargill Open Pairs (Sat)Open 8BInvercargill
11SundayOamaru Open Pairs (Sun)Open 5AOamaru
17SaturdayTaieri Open Pairs (Sat)Open 8BTaieri
17SaturdayTimaru CongressAll grades Timaru
17SaturdayTimaru Congress Int Teams (Sat)Int 5BTimaru
17SaturdayTimaru Congress Open Teams (Sat)Open 10ATimaru
18SundayTimaru Congress Int Pairs (Sun)Int 5BTimaru
18SundayTimaru Congress Open Pairs (Sun)Open 10ATimaru
24SaturdayQueenstown Pairs (Sat)Open 8BQueenstown
7SaturdayCromwell Open Pairs (Sat)Open 8BCromwell
8SundayCromwell Open Teams (Sun)Open 8BCromwell
8SundayLions Charity PairsCharity Otago
14SaturdayWinton Open Teams (Sat)Open 5AWinton
15SundayWinton Int Teams (Sun)Int 5BWinton
15SundayWaimate All Grades Pairs (Sun)Open 8BWaimate
21SaturdayAlexandra All Grades Pairs (Sat)Open 8BAlexandra
28SaturdayMurihiku Teams (Sat)Open 5AInvercargill
29SundayOtago Junior Pairs (Sun)Junior 3BOtago
29SundayMurihiku Pairs (Sun)Open 5AInvercargill
5SaturdayWanaka Open Pairs (Sat)Open 3AWanaka
6SundayOtago Hospice Charity PairsCharity Taieri
12SaturdayO/S Inter-Provincial TrialsAll grades TrialOtago
19SaturdayTe Anau Open Pairs (Sat)Open 8BTe Anau
20SundaySave The Children Charity PairsCharity Otago
26SaturdayGore Int Pairs (Sat)Int 5BGore
26SaturdayGore Junior Pairs (Sat)Junior 3BGore
2SaturdayO/S Provincial Teams (Sat)Open 10AOtago
3SundayO/S Provincial Pairs (Sun)Open 10AOtago
10SundayTaieri Pairs (Sun)Open 5ATaieri
16SaturdayNational 15A Swiss PairsOpen 15AHamilton
23SaturdayWinton Int Pairs (Sat)Int 5BWinton
23SaturdayWinton Junior Pairs (Sat)Junior 3BWinton
1SundayOamaru All Grades (Sun)Open 8BOamaru
7SaturdayOtago Winter Teams (Sat)Open 5AOtago
7SaturdaySouth Island PairsOpen 20AMarlborough
8SundayOtago Winter Open Pairs (Sun)Open 5AOtago
8SundayOtago Winter Int Pairs (Sun)Int 5BOtago
14SaturdayGore Open Pairs (Sat)Open 8BGore
21SaturdayWinton Open Pairs (Sat)Open 5AWinton
22SundayOtago Junior Pairs (Sun)Junior 3BOtago
28SaturdayTaieri Graded Pairs (Sat)Open 8BTaieri
4SaturdayNorth Island PairsOpen 20AAuckland
5SundayOtago Swiss Pairs (Sun)Open 5AOtago
11SaturdayGeraldine All Grades Pairs (Sat)Open 8BGeraldine
12SundayEast Otago Charity PairsCharity Palmerston
19SundayOamaru Int Pairs (Sun)Int 5BOamaru
19SundayOamaru Junior Pairs (Sun)Junior 3BOamaru
25Saturday Invercargill Int Pairs (Sat)Int 5BInvercargill
25SaturdayInvercargill Junior Pairs (Sat)Junior 3BInvercargill
26SundayCancer Society Charity PairsCharity Taieri
1SaturdayNational 15A PairsOpen 15AOtago
8SaturdayCentral Otago Teams (Sat)Open 5AAlexandra
9SundayCentral Otago Pairs (Sun)Open 5AAlexandra
9SundayWaimate All Grades Pairs (Sun)Open 8BWaimate
15SaturdayWanaka Int Pairs (Sat)Int/Junior 5BWanaka
16SundayBalclutha Open Pairs (Sun)Open 8BBalclutha
29SaturdayNZB CongressAll grades Hamilton
13SaturdayWinton Open Pairs (Sat)Open 8BWinton
14SundayWest Otago Social TournamentSocial Tapanui
20SaturdayOtago/Southland Congress (Sat-Mon)All grades Alexandra
20SaturdayO/S Congress - Int Pairs (Sat)Int 5BAlexandra
20SaturdayO/S Congress - Open Pairs (Sat)Open 10AAlexandra
21SundayO/S Congress - Int Teams (Sun)Int 5BAlexandra
21SundayO/S Congress - Open Teams (Sun-Mon)Open 10AAlexandra
2FridayNZ Wide Pairs (Fri)Open 3AVarious
3SaturdayManiototo Int Pairs (Sat)Int 5BManiototo
3SaturdayTimaru Anniversary Pairs (Sat)Open 5ATimaru
10SaturdayInvercargill Swiss Pairs (Sat)Open 5AInvercargill
17SaturdayNational 15A TeamsOpen 15AWellington
24SaturdayInter-Provincial Championships (Sat)All grades Unknown
9SundayOtago Christmas Pairs (Sun)Open 3AOtago

Regional Tournaments 2019

4FridayAlexandra Holiday Pairs 1Open 5AAlexandra
5SaturdayAlexandra Holiday Pairs 2Open 5AAlexandra
9WednesdaySummer Festival of Bridge CanberraAll grades Australia
19SaturdayO/S Regional Swiss PairsOpen 10AInvercargill
3SundayOtago Festival PairsOpen 5AOtago
9SaturdaySouth Island Teams (Sat & Sun)Open 20AOtago
15FridayGold Coast CongressAll grades Australia
2SaturdayWinton Intermediate TeamsInt 5BWinton
2SaturdayNorth Island Teams (Sat & Sun)Open 20ATauranga
9SaturdayInvercargill Open PairsOpen 8BInvercargill
10SundayOamaru Open PairsOpen 5AOamaru
16SaturdayTaieri Open PairsOpen 8BTaieri
23SaturdayTimaru Congress Int TeamsInt 5BTimaru
23SaturdayTimaru Congress Open TeamsOpen 10ATimaru
23SaturdayQueenstown PairsOpen 8BQueenstown
24SundayTimaru Congress Int PairsInt 5BTimaru
24SundayTimaru Congress Open PairsOpen 10ATimaru
24SundayTimaru Congress Junior PairsJunior 3BTimaru
6SaturdayCromwell Open PairsOpen 8BCromwell
7SundayCromwell Open TeamsOpen 8BCromwell
13SaturdayWinton Open TeamsOpen 5AWinton
14SundayWaimate All Grades PairsOpen 8BWaimate
14SundayLions Charity PairsCharityOtago
27SaturdayWanaka Open PairsOpen 5AWanaka
28SundayOtago Junior PairsJunior 3BOtago
4SaturdayMurihiku TeamsOpen 5AInvercargill
5SundayMurihiku PairsOpen 5AInvercargill
5SundayOtago Hospice Charity PairsCharityTaieri
11SaturdayO/S Inter-Prov Trials (Sat & Sun)All grades TrialOtago
18SaturdayTe Anau Open PairsOpen 8BTe Anau
19SundaySave The Children PairsCharityOtago
25SaturdayGore Int PairsInt 5BGore
25SaturdayGore Junior PairsJunior 3BGore
1SaturdayO/S Provincial TeamsOpen 10AOtago
2SundayO/S Provincial PairsOpen 10AOtago
9SundayTaieri PairsOpen 5ATaieri
15SaturdayNational 15A Swiss Pairs (Sat & Sun)Open 15ANew Plymouth
15SaturdayOtago Winter TeamsOpen 5AOtago
16SundayOtago Winter Open PairsOpen 5AOtago
16SundayOtago Winter Int PairsInt 5BOtago
22SaturdayWinton Int PairsInt 5BWinton
22SaturdayWinton Junior PairsJunior 3BWinton
23SundayMid S Island Interclub TeamsInt 5BTimaru
23SundayMid S Island Interclub TeamsJunior 3BTimaru
23SundayMid S Island Interclub TeamsOpen 3ATimaru
30SundayOamaru All GradesOpen 8BOamaru
6SaturdaySouth Island Pairs (Sat & Sun)Open 20AChristchurch
20SaturdayWinton Open PairsOpen 5AWinton
21SundayOtago Junior PairsJunior 3BOtago
27SaturdayTaieri Graded PairsOpen 8BTaieri
3SaturdayNorth Island Pairs (Sat & Sun)Open 20AWellington
4SundayOtago Swiss PairsOpen 5AOtago
11SundayEast Otago Charity PairsCharityPalmerston
18SundayOamaru Int PairsInt 5BOamaru
18SundayOamaru Junior PairsJunior 3BOamaru
24SaturdayInvercargill Int PairsInt 5BInvercargill
24SaturdayInvercargill Junior PairsJunior 3BInvercargill
25SundayCancer Society Charity PairsCharityTaieri
31SaturdayNational 15A Pairs (Sat & Sun)Open 15AAuckland
7SaturdayCentral Otago TeamsOpen 5AAlexandra
8SundayWaimate All Grades PairsOpen 8BWaimate
8SundayCentral Otago PairsOpen 5AAlexandra
14SaturdayWanaka Int PairsInt/Junior 5BWanaka
15SundayBalclutha Open PairsOpen 8BBalclutha
21SaturdayWinton Open PairsOpen 8BWinton
28SaturdayNZB National Bridge CongressAll grades Hamilton
29SundayTaieri Junior PairsJunior 3BTaieri
12SaturdayGore Open PairsOpen 8BGore
20SundayWest Otago Social TournamentSocialTapanui
26SaturdayO/S Congress - Int PairsInt 5BTBA
26SaturdayO/S Congress - Open PairsOpen 10ATBA
27SundayO/S Congress - Int TeamsInt 5BTBA
27SundayO/S Congress - Open TeamsOpen 10ATBA
28MondayO/S Congress - Open TeamsOpen 10ATBA
1FridayNZ Wide PairsOpen 3AVarious
2SaturdayTimaru Anniversary PairsOpen 5ATimaru
2SaturdayManiototo Int PairsInt 5BManiototo
9SaturdayNational 15A Teams (Sat & Sun)Open 15ANelson
16SaturdayInvercargill Swiss PairsOpen 5AInvercargill
23SaturdayInter-Provincial Teams ChampionshipsAll grades Unknown
8SundayNina Hewitt Christmas PairsOpen 3AOtago